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KOJE news     KOJE1 530 - 1090 kHz
KOJE2 1100 - 1390 kHz     KOJE3 1400 - 1700 kHz
KOH (Hawaii)


FQ/GR	Frequency and difficulty to hear in Finland
CST	Country and state. 
	(A=Alaska, B=Bermuda, C=Canada, G=Greenland,S=St.Pierre & Miquelon,
CALL	Call (or abbreviation of network, e.g. VOA) .
CITY	City of license
A	Antenna designation
SCH/UTC	Schedule with time in UTC.
NWS	News networks
FORMAT	Programme type.
HUOM	Attentions

SOURCES:	NRC AM Log, DXclusive and other DX-magazines,
		Internet and dx-listeners


A:	Alaska Time		(UTC - 9 Hr)
	Atlantic Time		(UTC - 4 Hr)
C:	Central Time		(UTC - 6 Hr)
E:	Eastern Time		(UTC - 5 Hr)
G:	Greenland Time		(UTC - 3 Hr)
H:	Hawaiian Time		(UTC -10 Hr)
M:	Mountain Time		(UTC - 7 Hr)
N:	Newfoundland Time	(UTC - 3.5 Hr)
P:	Pacific Time		(UTC - 8 Hr)


A	ABC Radio Network
Ac	American Contemporary (ABC)
Ad	American Direction (ABC)
Ae	American Entertainment (ABC)
AFRN	Alaskan Forces Radio Network   
Ai	American Information (ABC)
Ak	Alaska Radio Network
Ao	Agri-Broadcasting Network (OH)
Ap	Associated Press Radio
APR	American Public Radio
ARN	American Radio Network
BN	Broadcast News
BNN	Bloomberg News Network
BRN	Business Radio Network
C	Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)
CBC	Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Ce	CBC Englisf Network
Cf	CBC French Network
CGN	Chum Group News (via CHUM-1050)
CI	Central Interior Network
CNN	Cable News Network
CP	Canadian Press
Ct	Connecticut Radio Network
Fn	Florida Network
FNN	Financial News Network
FV	Fraser Valley Radio
Gn	Georgia Network
Gr	Georgia Radio News Service
I	Intermountain Network (IMN)
IBN	International Broadcasting Network
IRN	Interstate Radio Network
Ks	Kansas Information Network
Ln	Louisiana Network
LRT	La Reseau Telemedia (French)
M	Mutual Broadcasting System (MBS)
Ma	Harry Martin Farm Network (IN)
Mf	Michigan Farm Radio Network
Mo	Missouri Farm Radio Network
Ms	Mississippi Agricultural and News Network
N	National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
Nb	National Black Network
NL	"NL" Network
Np	National Public Radio
NPR	National Public Radio
NR	Newsradio
Ns	The Source (NBC)
OPB	Oregon Public Broadcasting
R	RKO Network
RC	Radio Cariboo Network
Rml	Radiomutuel (French)
RSM	Radio Southern Manitoba
S	Sheridan Broadcasting Service
SBN	Standard Broadcast News
Sel	Selkirk News Network
SNN	Satellite News Network
So	Sports Ohio
SPS	Spanish Satellite
SRN	Satellite Radio Network
SUN	SUN Network (FL)
Sw	South-West Agri-Radio Network (AZ,CA)
Ta	Tennessee Agri-Network
Tele	Telemedia (English)
Telf	Telemedia (French)
Tn	Tennessee Radio Network
TSN	Texas State Network
Tx	Texas News Network
U	UPI Radio Network
UPI	United Press International
URN	Unistar Radio Network
USA	USA Radio Network
USR	Unistar Radio Network
VOA	Voice of America
Wi	Wisconsin Independent News Network
WIN	Western Information Network
WNN	Self-Help Motivation Network
YR	"YR" Radio Network


AC	Adult Contemporary music
AOR	Album Oriented Rock
AS	Adult Standards music
B	Black oriented program
BBD	Big Band and pre 1955 pops
BFL	Beautiful music (nearly all instrumental)
BUS	Business
CHR	Top 40 Rock
CLA	Classical
CW	Country and Western music
CWM	Country and Western music, modern
Disco	Disco music
E	English
Esk	Eskimo
ETH	Ethnic programs (non-English)
EZL	Easy Listening (also called “Middle of the Road”)
F	French
FIL	Filippino program
G	German
GOS	Gospel music
HAW	Hawaiian program
JAP	Japanese program
JAZ	Jazz music
KID	All kids programming
MEX	Mexican satyle program
MOR	Middle of the Road music
MYL	Music of Your Life
NOS	Nostalgia, early days of radio
NWS	News
OLD	Oldies, million sellers after 1955
P	Portuguese
POP	Current hits
REL	Religious
ROK	Rock music
ROL	Rock oldies
Ru	Russian
S	Spanish
Soul	Soul and Rhythm & Blues music
SPO	Sports
T40	Top-40 current hits
TLK	Talk programming (generally phone in shows)
TRO	Tropical
UC	Urban Contemporary, Programming for Black audience
VAR	Variety, no single dominant format
WTR	Weather


1on1	1 on 1 Sports
AB	Art Bell
AIM	America in the Morning
APRN	Alaska Public Radio Network
BBN	Bible Broadcasting Network
BCNL	British Columbia Nightline programme
C2C	Coast To Coast
c/d	close down
CP	Construction Permit
CRN	Catholic Radio Network
CSN	Children’s Network
dig	digital
ESPN	Sports Network
EWTN	Global Catholic Radio
Fr	Friday
GTO	Good Time Oldies
HMR	Hawaiian Music Radio (KQNG-570)
Hr	Hour
Inform.	Information
irreg.	irregularly
IRN	Interstate Radio Network
JB	Jim Bohannon Show
JSN	Jones Satellite Network
LSR	Local Sunrise
LSS	Local Sunset
M	Monday
McRN	Music Country Radio Network
MR	Musicradio
Mx	music
NC	Night Country
NCARN	North Central Alberta Radio Network
Netw.	Network
NRN	Nornet Radio Network
nw	now
occ.	occasionally
Pel	Pelmorex Radio Network
R	Radio
r	relay
Sa	Saturday
SC	Star Country Network
SEN	Sports Entertain Network
SF	The Sports Final
SJR	Sally Jessie Rafael
SMN	Satellite Music Network
SNR	Sporting News Radio
SP	Silent Period
SpBl	Sports Byline
Spec.	Special
SRN	Sports Radio Network
SS	Sunset
St	AM Stereo
St.	State
Stn	Station
Su	Sunday
TRN	Talk Radio Network
Univ.	University
w	weekdays
W	Watts
WW1	Westwood 1
ZSRN	Z-Spanish Radio Network


D1	Daytime (sunrise to sunset) operation only,
	non-directional antenna.
D3	Daytime (sunrise to sunset) operation only, 	
	directional antenna, same pattern at all times.
D4	Daytime (sunrise to sunset) operation only, 
	directional during Critical Hours (CH) (sunrise to two 
	hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset to sunset) only.
D5	Daytime (sunrise to sunset) operation only, 
	directional during non-critical hours,
	nondirectional during critical hours.
D6	Daytime (sunrise to sunset) operation only, 
	different pattern during critical hours
	and non-critical hours.
L1	Limited time operation (usually based upon sunrise 
	or sunset at the dominant station’s location on a clear channel), 
L3	Limited time operation, directional antenna.
N1	Night time (sunset to sunrise) operation only, non-directional.
N2	Night time (sunset to sunrise) operation only, directional.
SH	Specified hours, as directed by the station license. 
	Numbers showing pattern correspond to numbers 
	under “U” category. Specified hour stations are those who 
	would normally be unlimited, but because of financial or 
	other considerations have petitioned for a waiver of the 
	minimum schedule of 0600-2200 local time.
ST	Shared time operation, broadcasting time shared with 
	a second station.
U1	Unlimited time operation , with non-directional antenna.
U2	Unlimited time operation , directional at night 
	(sunset to sunrise) only.
U3	Unlimited time operation , directional all hours, 
	same pattern day and night.
U4	Unlimited time operation , directional, 
	different patterns day and night.
U5	Unlimited time operation , directional day,
	non-directional night.
U6	Unlimited time operation , directional night and critical hours, 
	same pattern.
U7	Unlimited time operation , directional all hours, 
	but three different patterns (day, night and critical hours).
U8	Unlimited time operation , directional critical 
	hours and night (different patterns), 	non-directional day.
U9	Unlimited time operation , directional non-critical day hours 
	and nights (different patterns), 
	but non-directional during critical hours.
U10	Unlimited time operation , non-directional day , 
	directional critical hours, non-directional nights.


283	NF 	(St.John’s)		315	NE	(Omaha)
284					316
285					317
286					318
287					319	SD	(Pierre)
288					320	MB	(Winnipeg)
289	NS 	(Sydney)		321	CO	(Denver)	
290						ND	(Bismarck)
291	PEI 	(Charlottetown)			NM	(Albuquerque)
292					322	
293					323	WY	(Casper)
294	NB 	(Fredericton)		324	
295	FL 	(Miami			325
	MA 	(Boston)		326	AZ	(Phoenix)
	RI 	(Providence)			MT	(Billings)
296	ME 	(Portland)		327	SA	(Saskatoon)
	NH 	(Manchester)			UT	(Salt Lake City)
297	CT 	(Hartford)		328
	NJ 	(Atlantic City)		329	NV	(Las Vegas)
	NY	(New York)		330
298	DC	(Washington)		331	CA	(Los Angeles)
	DE	(Wilmington)		332	AB	(Edmonton)
	PA	(Philadelphia)			ID	(Boise)
	SC	(Charleston)		333
	VA	(Richmond)		334	
	VT	(Burlington)		335	CA	(San Francisco)
299	PQ	(Montreal)		336
	MD	(Baltimore)		337	OR	(Salem)
300	NC	(Charlotte)			WA	(Seattle)
301					338	BC	(Vancouver)
302	GA	(Atlanta)		339
	WV	(Wheeling)		340
303	ON	(Toronto)		341
	AL	(Montgomery)		342
304	OH	(Columbus)		343
305	KY	(Louisville)		344
	MI	(Detroit)		345
	TN	(Nashville)		346
306	IN	(Indianapolis)		347
	LA	(New Orleans)		348
307	MS	(Jackson)		349	YT	(Whitehorse)
308	IL	(Chicago)		350
309	MO	(St.Louis)		351
310	AR	(Little Rock)		352
311	WI	(Madison)		353
312					354
313	IA	(Des Moines)		355
	TX	(Dallas)		356
314	KS	(Kansas City)		357
	MN	(Minneapolis)		358	AK	(Anchorage)
	OK	(Oklahoma City			HI	(Honolulu)



The latest update: 06.11.2003
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